Found Objects

Artists from Duchamp to Picasso to Warhol have relished adding everyday items to their creations. These FOUND OBJECTS, as they are called, have usually been things they spotted laying around the house, on the street, or even on the rubbish pile.

Our “Found Objects” are, likewise, wonderful little touches for you to use to embellish your environment or those of your gift recipients.

But we don’t come by our objects quite so easily as the artists; every year, our buyers travel to trade markets all over the U.S. and spend days at a time covering literally miles of displays and thousands of vendors to collect just the right items we believe will delight our customers.

How do we pick and choose form such a staggering array? Well, it’s all about our sense of STYLE. And how do we define our style? We can’t. But we know it when we see it, and you’ll know what we mean when you visit our shop.

Come see us soon to browse and enjoy.

We’re sure you’ll find lots of wonderful gifts, and most likely, something you just must have for yourself!