February 14

When we send tokens of affection on Valentine's Day, we are really celebrating two very different things.The first is the life of Saint Valentine, a Roman Christian who was jailed and eventually executed for helping other Christians. This happened on February 14, in about the year A.D. 270. It is said that while in jail, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's blind daughter and miraculously cured her blindness. Before his execution, he is supposed to have sent her a farewell note (evidently, she had learned to read amazingly quickly) signed "From Your Valentine." Coincidentally, people believed at that time that birds began mating on February 14. The idea of lovebirds soon became associated with Saint Valentine and the custom of sending cards or symbolic gifts on his feast day is centuries old. As for the heart shape used on the cards: since ancient times, the heart has symbolized love, both human and divine. And in the world of flowers, red roses have come to represent the heart and, by extention, LOVE.

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