Our Floral Designs
Traditional or informal designs to congratulate, welcome, send good wishes or express sympathy. A friendly and personal reminder that you're thinking of them!
Numbers may be used as a reference when you call to order.

1. English cache pot with
mixed garden arrangement
from $140.00
2. Small cube with mixed flowers
from $50.00
3. Vanda Orchid Assortment
$75.00 - $150.00.
($100.00 as shown))
4. Cube with bells of Ireland,
viburnum and Lemona roses
5.Tropical Garden centerpiece
6. Bubble bowl w/ soft pink roses and
assorted garden flowers
from $125.00
7. Glorious garden basket featuring sunflowers, roses,
Queen Anne's lace, eucalyptus and delphenium
$150.- 200.
8. Gathering vase with mixed garden variety
$100.00- $150.00. ($150.00 as shown)
9. "Medium" Cube Vase
$75.00- 125.00 ($125.00 as shown)
10. Classic simplicity: callas in tall
cylinder or rectangular vase
11. French tulips in cylinder vase
(subject to seasonal availability)
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